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Once again jou prove yourself to be the idiot, Savage. Bravo. Wanna go and give her one final 'bite me' before she finds you hanging from a rope?

"Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!"

Tisk tisk, Mr. Savage. Always trying to be the better man. Willing to put himself through all this pain for one ill-advised promise.

"A promise that I intend to keep. You're not going to break me! You hear me?! You can't hurt me any more than you already have!"

Hmm, the demon hesitated, as if forming a plan. Chills ran down Jack's spine when the monster chuckled in satisfaction to his own idea. Well then, since I can't hurt you, why don't we let your friend know how we feel. How much do you-

"You keep your filthy paws off of her..."

Oh?! There's the enthusiasm I was looking for! Don't worry, slick. I'm not going to tell her a thing. . .

you are.


     By the time Jack made it out of the restaurant the streetlights were on. The upper canopy of the Rainforest District usually kept the streets very dim during the day, so much that the streetlights actually improved Jack's visibility as he made his way towards his car. The black sedan was often supplied to him by the ZPD during drug-specific cases. Judging by the large chrome wheels and the lowered profile of the vehicle, Jack was certain that he car was a repo from a dealer.

     "Dammit Skye! Did you plan from the beginni-" Jack hopped into the car only to realize that Skye was already asleep in the passenger seat. Condensation grew and shrank on the window as she snored. Although he was still upset with her, he couldn't help but admire how beautiful the vixen could look even as she slept.

   Jack let out a dismissing sigh as he flopped down in his seat. The leather felt more comfortable for the fact that his wallet was one hundred and twenty-five dollars thinner. "You dumb fox. What am I gonna do with you."

     We could do whatever we want with her like this. Look at her man, she's literally begging to be touched.

     Jack cringed at the thought the demon just put in his head. He frantically dragged his attention away from the raising and falling of her breast by pulling out his phone. 9:18. Maybe I'll have time to eat.  He shrugged as he opened his music app. A little J. Cole should calm me down.

     He plugged the phone into the radio as he pulled onto the street. Jack enjoyed the sensations the bass brought to his ears as the highway lead them away from the rainforest. The song relaxed him, although the lyrics were as depressing he was:

I grew up, a f------
screw up. Tie my shoe up.
Wish they were newer.
Damn, need something newer.

In love with the baddest girl
In the city, I wish I knew her.
I wish I wasn't so shy, I wish
I was a bit more fly I wished
That I,

Could tell her how
I really feel inside.
That I'm the perfect n---- for her
But then maybe that's a lie.

She liked a certain type of n-----
And its clear I'm not that guy.
Ball player, star player.
Im just watching from the side:
On the bench,

Because my lack of confidence
Won't let me fly. . .

   His singing voice ominously resembled the one that haunted him. The pitch was a somewhat low, raspy roar. Although he sung softly, the pain filled voice seemed as if it demanded to be heard.
The passing lights distracted him from himself as he continued along to the gloom song:

Things change, rearrange
And so do I.
It ain't always for the Better, dawg
I can't lie.

I get high cause the lows
Can be so cold.
I might bend a little bit
But I don't fold.

One time for my mind
and two for yours
I got food for your thoughts
to sooth your soul

If you see my tears fall
just let me be..
Move along, nothing to see...

     "You sure know how to get to a girl, don't you Mr. Savage?"

     Jack flinched from the sudden comment that came from beside him. He was so far into his own world that he forgot he had a drung vixen next to him. She continued, "Are you using that manly voice of yours to try to take advantage of me?"

     He knew she was just making an innocent joke; drunk Skye being drunk Skye. However, he was still flushed considering the previous thoughts that he was trying to run away from. "I, uhh- I'm just- umm. No I just like to sing to myself is all..." He looked over to see her head cocked, giving him her ' you're so full of crap' look. His ears slumped back as a defeated look slid over his face.

     Yet another point for Savage.

     With a chuckle, that once again warmed his heart, she concluded "If you want 'the baddest', you're going to need to sing something a little bit more exciting." She grabbed his phone to scroll through his playlist. "Let's see if we can find something more fun!"

     The excited glee slowly left her face as she continued to scroll. Each song was as depressing as the last. She looked over to her driver who almost sank too low in his seat to see over the wheel. "You're killing me, Jack. One day you have to let me-"

      "Agents? Hello? Does anybody remember which channel the vehicle I loaned to the ZIA is on?"

     The car swerved when both Skye and Jack nearly jumped out of their pelts. Unknown to them, there was a standard issue ZPD Police Scanner in the glove box. The voice that blew from the handset was very deep, as if it came from some large animal. Skye opened the glove box and picked up the handset.

     "This is Agent Skye. Go ahead."

     Jack was amazed by how serious Skye became as she spoke. Her face was blank as she spoke sternly. However, the voice on the other side of the line seemed unimpressed:

     "There you are. We've been interrogating this gazelle you helped us nab. You were right, this guy doesn't know when to shut up..."

      Jack groaned aloud when he recognized the extremely dry humor that was on the scanner. Skye couldn't slap his arm fast enough before a sarcastic response returned: "Nice to hear from you, Jack." His eye rolled as he continued:

     "He gave the name and location of another dealer he's been working with. A weasel. I have officers near the area but I need probable cause to bring him in. Are you near Tundratown?"

     Skye looked out of the window to see what was under the raised highway. She sighed when her gaze met the frozen buildings below. Ice hang off of the trees, weighing them down until they hung over the snow-covered streets. Reluctantly, she replied:

     "Yeaaah, we're by Tundratown."

     "Good. The weasel is on 34th and Slide road. Get down there and see if you can catch him in the act."

     "Copy that."

     She gave an anguished huff while she holdstered the handset and slammed the glove box door. "So much for our Friday night. I was going to break you, too."

     He glanced over to her as she continued to search through his playlists. She was already rubbing her claw on the white of her eyes, slowly make them a bloodshot red. He was rolling up his sleeves to his more comfortable style. A brush of his paw over his head made him hear more ruffled and sloppy. "And how did you plan on doing that, Skye?"

     His eyes shot wide open when he felt a tongue running up his ear. A pulsing sensation overwhelmed his groin as she slowly panted in his ear. "I have my ways."

     Green light! You have the green light! Man your battle stations! Bee doo! Bee doo!

     "Will you shut up for once," he thought to himself, "she's drunk. She'll be the same solitary fox by tomorrow. Hopefully..."

     Ignoring his frustrated growling, she shrilled when she found an upbeat song on the sulking playlist. The energy that left her was almost overwhelming as a bass line coordinated her moves. Jack couldn't help but laugh at sight of her intoxicated partner hopping in her seat, shining her beautiful smile as she giggled and sung along.

     Pulling off of the highway, they stopped at a red light. The arctic fox rolled down the front windows to enjoy the familiar cold breeze of the tundra. The bass from the amazing audio system that was installed echoed off of the tall buildings as she all but shouted the chorus:

She said "I heard you got a main chick
A mistress and some hoes
You be up to no good
And everybody knows

My home girls tried to warn me
They tried to let me know
But what you got, I need a lot
So I can't let you go"

She said
"I, can't get enough, can't get enough"
(I need that)
"I, can't get enough, can't get enough"
(I need that)

"I can't get enough of what you got
Good god, you hit the spot
Tried to let go but I just could not
So don't you stop, I need that"

     She danced as provocatively as the song implied, rubbing her hands down her waist as she grinded the air. He would have kept staring at her amazing body if he didn't hear the crushing of snow next to them. He looked over to notice that a ZPD Cruiser had pulled up next to them.

     He received two quizzical stares from the officers. One came from a orange fox who sat in the passenger seat with his feet propped on the dash. The other, from a cute, silver and white bunny, who stared intently with lavender eyes. He returned the confused stare not realizing that the ZPD changed their mind on allowing either species on the force.

     Aside the gyrating fox in the sedan, it was like looking in a mirror. Jack rolled the windows back up as the light turned green. They took a right turn as the cruiser continued straight.

     "Alright Skye time to get serious. The target is up ahead to the left." Jack slipped on a pair of shades and ran a claw up the fur on his face to resemble a scar.

     "I love it when you're controlling," she winked as she again ran his claws across her eyes to redden them. Another claw went into her nose and ran across the side of her nostril, drawing blood. "How about you choke me a little?"

     "Now that you say it-"

     "WATCH IT!"

     One final chuckle left him before he took the final left turn. He turned up the radio once again to help complete their image as they neared the weasel.


     "Jesus it's cold! Pin better be right about the clientele out here." The weasel paced the sidewalk to distract himself from the blistering chills that ran though his body. The jacket he wore was hollowed out of any insulation to make room for the small bags of pills, powder, and miscellaneous herbs.

     His attention turned down the street as he heard Ann echo of a familiar bass line. A good looking black sedan rolled down the street towards him, the headlights dimming with every hit of the drum. The car rolled to a stop in front of him.

     The weasel attempted to look through the deeply tinted windows only to see his reflection vibrating with the music. After a moment, the window rolled down to reveal a sight that nothing but surprised him. In the driver seat sat a poorly groomed rabbit. Shades covered a scarred, striped face that looked at him with a blank stare. Next to him sat a fox. She shook and scratched at her nose, making it obvious that she was suffering from withdrawals.

     The weasel knew this would be an easy score. "So, what will it be for y'all two love birds: pill or powder?" Almost on cue the fox glared over at him with bloodshot eyes, sniffing the air with the one nostril that didn't have blood coming out of it. The bunny didn't stray from his serious stare. With a chuckle, the weasel pulled out a bag of blue powder about the size of a pool ball.

     The rabbit calmly took the bag from him, examining it carefully. This didn't last long until the pred next to him snatched the bag away, giggling with an evil delight. She stuck her pinkie claw into the plastic, pulling it out to stick it into her mouth. With an orgasmic moan, she hugged herself and slid down into her chair.

     She slid down her dress subconsciously as her eyes rolled to the back of her head, exposing part of her breast. The weasel watched intently, growling at the cold zipper that now scraped him.

     "You know sweetheart, if you're looking for a good time I have plen-"

     He was interrupted when the rabbit, without looking up at him, pulled a long revolver from the center console and sat it on the dash. His eyes only grew bigger as he also placed a handful of spent bullet cartridges next to the firearm.

     As the rabbit continued to dig through the compartment, he could only close his eyes and hope for the best when he next item the rabbit pulled out was pointed towards him. He peeked to see that the small paws held out two hundred dollars. Causiously, he took the money and backed away from the dangerous hare. The sedan pulled away from him, the familiar bass resuming to blare through the buildings. He kept his eyes on the car until it turned the corner and disappeared.

"Freaks. . ."


     "That went better than I thought! Smoothest one yet," Skye exclaimed as she pulled her dress back on. She then pulled a small bag out of her mouth; the bag that she put the drug in when she "sampled." It was a special drug-indication bag that changed colors when exposed to illegal substances. A good shake turned the bag purple.


     She opened the glove box once again and grabbed the radio. "This is Agent Skye. We have a confirmed transaction. Tested positive for ecstasy."

     The deep voice returned to the radio as if he was waiting for them the whold time. "Copy that, we'll make the arrests. The ZPD thanks you and your agency for your cooperation. I expect the evidence on my desk by noon."

     "Copy that," she replied as she looked at the radio's clock. It was almost midnight. "Me and my partner are calling it a night. We'll be silencing the radio if that's ok?"

     "Go for it, we got it from here. Officer Wilde, you are free to-"

     The transmittion was interrupted by the flick of the power button. She laid the radio back into the compartment and shut the door. Leaning back, she returns her gaze back out of the window.

     Jack pulled back onto the highway as they both sat in silence. The passing lights were somehow relaxing even though the highway began to get somewhat rougher. They were nearing the urban neighborhoods where his apartment was.

     Jack was the one who broke the silence. "You did that on purpose."


     "Don't 'hmm' me. You know exactly what I mean. The dress."

     "Ohhhhhhh that. I'm surprised you got jealous that quick," she said with a chuckle. "Maybe I like seeing my man stand up for me. . .pfft. Get it? Stand?" She covered her mouth to seal in the laugh. He didn't want him to know she noticed the erection he had during the confrontation.

     "Skye why do you insist on toying with my heart..."

     She froze at the unexpected response. Before she could give a sly response he continued:

     "I know you're drunk, and that's ok, but you don't have to toy with me and give mixed messages every chance you get. When you're sober, you shy away from any acknowledgment of your emotions. You hide your heart from the world and from me when I try to bring you closer to the light. When you're drunk, you act as is we have already been together for years. You coax me, humiliate me, and remind me of what could happen if I had any confidence. It's not fair." His breathing increased in a rapid pace as be continued. "I know you don't mean it, but please don't mess with me like that. You know damn well I'm broken. While you have a good time I'm just trying to convince myself not to......hurt me...."

     Jack could no longer speak as his hyperventilating overtook him. She just sat in self-pity as he pulled off of the highway and pulled over. The steering wheel shook as Jack convulsed and cried aloud. She wanted to help him.

     She didn't know what she could say to help him at this point. She now felt like she was hurting him. The breathing. The convulsing. . .The tears. This attack was caused by her. Him talking about. . .hurting himself. She couldn't take it.

     Only one sentence could help her reassure everything was ok. One sentence that she hoped was still true. One sentence that she hoped she would say yes to:

     "You remember our promise right?"

Sorry, no jokes in this chapter! I decided to focus seriously on how Jack and Skye interact as partners in Part 2. If it's not obvious, I need to practice some serious writing.

If you were wondering, these are the two songs in order:

J. Cole - '03 Adolescence

J. Cole - Can't Get Enough

I do not own any songs or characters involved in this story.

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Honestly, I love where the story is going. It's okay to add jokes the relatively serious moments, but I like the way you kept to the serious plot. 

And I think I saw Nick & Judy, no? I'm looking forward to part 3.
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